Toxicity testing
12/26/1984 FDRL STUDY NO. 8375A/TEST ARTICLE ID: 84-0909
Food and Drug Research Laboratories, Inc.
Acute Oral Toxicity of Penetron in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Result: According to 16 CRF 1500, Penetron is not considered to be toxic and does not require cautionary labeling

6/5/1997 REPORT NO: B20297/EL/4
Setsco Services PTE LTD
Cytotoxicity Test on Penetron Cementitious Capillary Waterproofing Systems
Results: The product shall be regarded as being suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption as it exhibits a ‘non-cytotoxic’ response when in contact with Vero ceels.

9/2/1999 REPORT: 981660CH90088
Materialab Limited
Report on Analysis of Coating Material: Non Toxicity Test (Migration of Toxic Elements)
Results: The submitted test sample complied with the test requirement of BS 5665: Part 3 1995 for toxic element content.

1/00/2001 REPORT: GB 17219-1998
Department of Toxicology, Beijing Municipal Centers for Disease Prevention & Control
Standard for Safety Evaluation of Equipment and Protective Materials in Drinking Water System
Results: The mouse oral toxicity test revealed results of LD50>10000 mg/kg body weight concluding that the test article is actual nontoxic. From the results of the testing, Penetron showed no evidence of clastogenic activity when administrated orally in this vivo test procedure, thus the micronucleus test of the bone marrow cell is negative. The result of the Ames test is also negative both in the absence and presence of S9 mix.

6/28/2004 REPORT: 2004KL0620
Sirim QAS International Sdn. Bhd.
BS 6920: Part 1:2000 (Suitability of Non-Metallic Product for Use in Contact with Water Intended for Human Consumption with Regard to Their Effect on the Quality of the Water)
Results: The sample tested complied with all the requirements of BS 6920: Part 1:2000; Clause 5, 6 & 8